About Us


Roya’s Chia Beads beverages are inspired by our family’s ancient Persian remedial recipes, combined with the superfood power of chia. They act as both a fuel and a tonic for the body and promote optimum health and wellbeing. 

We consider our Roya’s Chia Beads beverages to be “nutraceutical” - delivering healthful benefits alongside delicious ingredients to restore and delight. After three years of development, we’re confident that you will love the taste and feel the health benefits of our beverages. Choose Rosen’ Lime or Orange Blossom from the Lift-Me-Up range to naturally boost energy or try Valerian & Lemon or Cardamom from the Wind-Me-Down range to relax. 

We choose to add chia to our beverages as it is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product, as well as the world’s richest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, fibre (both soluble and insoluble) protein and a powerhouse of natural antioxidants. Just two tablespoons of chia seeds contain 10 grams of fibre, 6 grams of protein, more calcium than milk, more omega 3’s than salmon, more iron than spinach and more antioxidants than blueberries. 

Developed over three years, Roya’s Chia Beads are the much-loved product of our endless passion for creating something truly nutritious and unique. We personally sourced the best ingredients available and researched their capabilities, working with our mother Roya when it came to taste testing for the perfect blend.

The end result is two different ranges, each with its own set of special capabilities. The Lift-Me-Up range (Rosen’ Lime, Orange Blossom) is designed to energise and uplift every cell in the body in preparation for even the most challenging of days; whilst the Wind-Me-Down range (Valerian & Lemon, Cardamom) has been crafted to gently relieve and relax the body and mind from the day’s tensions and stress in order to assist with a good night’s sleep.