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As little girls we spent our time watching our mother Roya in her kitchen as she recreated recipes passed down for generations. Touran, our great-grandmother, had a carefully curated list of the greatest natural remedies gleaned from her ancestors and precious books of natural medicine.  These recipes included notes for wellness remedies and tonics crafted using ancient Persian ingredients. When we were ill, tired or lacking focus our mother would consult the wisdom contained in the pages of these books.  As we grew older we saw the benefits of these power-packed ingredients and decided that it was time to share them with the world.

We set about taking a new, modern approach to the traditional recipes by experimenting over time with new ingredients, eventually adding several to the original Cardamom, Valerian, Rosewater and Orange Blossom to create a burst of new taste sensations.

By harnessing the superfood goodness of chia seeds we created what we now believe, is a deliciously refreshing range of healthy chia drinks, with proven therapeutic and toning properties. Chia seeds are known to create many positive health effects which includes boosting energy, stabilising blood sugar, aiding digestion, and lowering cholesterol.  The tiny powerhouses also contain countless amounts of natural antioxidants.

For centuries, our family have shown love for each other by preparing traditional recipes to encourage health and wellbeing. Now, we want to extend this tradition to our consumers and their families through our ready-made beverages. We hope the nourishing ingredients in our beverages positively contribute to your health and quality of life, as they have done for our family for generations.


Tatiana & Taraneh